Refund Policy

In case, you are not satisfied with the maid assigned, you can always opt to change upto 4 times a month(Depending on your plan). If you still are not satisfied with our services and would like to have a refund, then we would request you to kindly go through our refund policy-

  1. You can ask for refund anytime you want. We do not put a cap on the time limit in which you can avail for refund.

  2. We will calculate the per day cost of the services you have availed(excluding GST) and would deduct it from the amount you have paid. This amount helps us to pay the maid for the days, s/he has provided service at your residence.

  3. In case you have opted for quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payment, we would not consider the discounts you had availed, while calculating the amount to be deducted.

  4. The GST paid would not be refunded.

  5. The transaction charges by bank or payment provider will be deducted by us.

  6. It will take between 3-7 days for the entire process to complete and in case you have any doubts, please feel free to mail us at