Please read the term and condition mentioned below and only proceed further if your agree with the terms and condition written for the use of the platform ‘Baai4U.com’-

  1. You must be above 16+ years of age so as to use the site for its intended purpose.

  2. When you fill your information on the website, you agree to the condition that we might reach you through call, sms, mail or any other medium whose detail you have mentioned. One must note that we would never sell your data to any third party.

  3. The content that is placed on the site is the exclusive ownership of ‘Baai4U’ and you shall not use it without our prior permission.

  4. The following are the rules related to maid service which you must follow-

    A. Always pay the package price through our website. If you have made the payment in cash to one of our maid, then we will not be responsible for the service they provide.
    B. The timing for which the maid can provide service is between 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Request for service before or after the given time won’t be entertained.
    C. It’s a request to treat the maid with dignity and one should not harass them mentally or physically. In case, we find that you have done any physical or mental harassment of our maids, then we will be pursuing a legal action against you. Also, no money would be refunded to you in such cases.
    D. We provide an insurance cover of upto Rs. 5000 in case of theft or damage. The claims would be verified by our team as well as an independent third party insurer.

  5. The court of Korba city has the exclusive jurisdiction on any legal dispute that arise against the company.